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Young Adults Academy | 15 – 17 February 2017

Between the 15th and 17th of February, Young people from all over London and the UK participated in the Young Adults Academy. The Young Adults Academy is a joint initiative between Model Westminster and the Young Adults Forum. The idea behind the Academy is to provide young people with the opportunity to gain practical political skills and knowledge to launch their own campaign on an issue they care about.

The Academy brings young people in contact with experts in areas such as politics, policy making, campaigning, debating and public speaking for a fun and interactive programme that includes talks, debates, games and group work.

We had an amazing time with some great speakers including Micheal Sani, CEO of Bite the Ballot and Tom Kibasi, Director of the Institute for Public Policy Research. You can view the full programme and list of speakers here.

One of the best parts of the Academy is the London Policy Challenge. This gives the young people the opportunity to work in groups to generate a policy solution and campaign to tackle a London problem. They then need to pitch their policy solution to a panel of experts on the final day. The panel included Crispin Rapinet, a partner at Hogan Lovells, Alasdair Mackenzie, head of Parliaments Outreach and Engagement Service and Hannah Barlow, Councilor for Avonmore and Brook Green.

Challenges that the groups tackled included:

1. Youth homelessness
2. Mental health in young people
3. The low political engagement of young people

All the presentations were very impressive, but there had to be a winner and the 3rd group managed to impress the judges most with their well thought out policy solution and campaign.

Feedback from the attendees
We asked the attendees to complete a feedback form and tell us what their favourite part of the Academy was. Below are some of their amazing responses:

• Everyday!! The entire experience. Make it 4 days long!!
• Love it! Thought it was brilliant with such inspiring speakers!
• My favourite part was having all the captivating speakers & having fun on the group activities
• Michael Sani, from Bite the Ballot. His speech was amazing!

A special thanks to EY, Hogan Lovells and Parliament for hosting us. Look out for the next Young Adults Academy and register, so that you can also get involved and enjoy this amazing experience!

Image Gallery: Young Adults Academy

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