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What The Referendum Means For Us All

Last night the British public went to bed as part of a country standing shoulder to shoulder with our European neighbours, today we have all awoken to the news that we are now a truly independent country. We have seen drastic changes in the financial markets and uncertainty throughout all the major establishments with the sterling falling to lows unseen in decades. Furthermore, with the Prime Minister stepping down, the future of this country hasn’t looked this uncertain for more than a generation.

It’s during times like this that we must do what we do best, to stand together as a country united by this decision, a chance for us all to say that whatever our thoughts and however we voted, the will of the British public prevailed.

Although today heralds a period of uncertainty economically and politically, we must remember the very core foundations that this country was built on. Together can we rebuild and together we can come out of this stronger and more stable than ever before.

The immediate question is what will happen to the current trading situation with Europe? Article 50 was created for such a reason and is undoubtedly a term you will be hearing more about in the next few days. Article 50 sets out how a country notifies an intention to withdraw from the EU and will give a 2-year time period for this to happen from when it is submitted. The terms of how the UK will leave the EU will be negotiated by all members of the EU and so we will need to be ready for whatever is negotiated.

Whilst there are procedures in place for such events and there is an order of how things are done, what is uncertain is how we will set up new trade agreements with the EU, what will the tariffs be on exporting our goods to the EU market? How will we re-establish ourselves? And ultimately what could be the future for both us and the EU? There are several possible theories that have been set out on how this could be achieved and ultimately there are so many different ways that this could go, but our friends over at simplepolitics.co.uk have set out a few examples of how this could possibly be achieved.


Whatever happens we must remember that we stand united in this decision, we the British public have made our decisions and we can’t let this divide us. Whilst others see this as a world of uncertainty and instability, we must look at this as a world of opportunity and solidarity.

By George Webster.

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