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The Trump Phenomena

Disclaimer: This article is not in support of Donald Trump’s campaign, rather it is a discussion on why he seemingly has gathered a sizable amount of support.

One reason for Trump’s support may be due to the fact that he is a Washington outsider. He isn’t like most candidates; he doesn’t come from the political establishment, hasn’t worked for the government, which people are hugely disenfranchised from. Because of this, he brings a completely new face to politics which people have been craving for years; people want somebody who speaks in simple terms, somebody who they can relate to as a celebrity, somebody who at least appears to care about their concerns. Trump seems to be doing this extremely well; having used his background to his advantage; the moment he comes onto the stage he questions the establishment, bringing a new, and fresh start to American politics. His campaign slogan ‘Make America Great Again’ signifies that he knows, and cares about citizens’ concerns, and is willing to do everything in his hands to make people’s lives a prosperous one.

This is further intensified because he is funding his own campaign. This brings confidence to people that he has both the wealth, and the knowledge to truly make America great again. Although the extent to which he is self-funding his campaign is questionable, the fact that he is using a huge amount of his own money reduces the influence of any political organisation. This links back to the above point; people are tired of the political establishment, and by Trump distancing himself from it, he is indirectly assuring the public that he is the fresh face America needs. Trump said this well in a tweet: “By self-funding my campaign, I am not controlled by my donors, special interests or lobbyists. I am only working for the people of the U.S.!” This has been a major selling point of his campaign, and one which the public have taken to heart and appear to believe.

Finally, a big reason for Trump’s popularity is the idea that he is saying things people may be afraid to say. His views on immigration though radical, seem to provide a new answer to the problems in America. The ‘need for a border’ is at the forefront of his campaign, and supporters of this are persuaded by the fact despite its controversy, may just be the heart of what America needs. This is particularly important in light of recent terrorist threats and attacks; where people are fearing for their lives every single day. Trump appears to provide a solution, despite the fact it isn’t supported by much of the establishment. This also links into the notion of the ‘silent majority’ – his views are so controversial that people are afraid to support them, yet are so respected that people ‘silently’ support his views.

The election is very soon and is an extremely exciting time, though also a time of uncertainty – I am not swayed by Trump’s views, and truly hope that the American public do not vote for him.

Shanita Jetha

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