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Sunday News Roundup:

EU Referendum discussions:

In an interview with the Observer, Rafal Trzaskowshki (Polish secretary of state for European affairs) warned of the consequences of leaving the EU, following a failure in telling voters the ‘facts in advance’. He used the interview to warn that the ability of British people to travel, to work and buy property in other EU countries relatively easy as they do now could be lost, and that UK based businesses could face problems.

David Cameron has been touring European countries and meeting leaders on the run up to negotiations on Britain’s membership. One key leader is Angela Merkel. Merkel has suggested that Germany will do all it can to attempt to meet British demands. But it is said that Berlin believes a key demand (to deny migrants who are working the same level of social benefits as UK residents) would be a breach of EU law.

On the matter of the referendum, the No campaign have started to form their arguments on the run to the campaign. Fifty Conservative ministers have agreed to formally back the No campaign if David Cameron cannot win concessions come negotiations in Brussels. Under the name of ‘Conservatives for Britain’, those included within the 50 figures who have signed up are former cabinet ministers, John Redwood and Owen Paterson.

Liberal Democratic Leadership:

Nominations for the Lib Dem leadership race closed on 3 June and members will now cast their ballots under an alternative vote system. The winner will be announced on 16 July.

In the Lib Dem leadership race, Norman Lamb, former Health minister, has gained the support of Sir Menzies Campbell. This is set to be a boost to Lamb’s chances as Sir Menzies is remains a popular figure in Lib Dem circles.

Tim Farron, who has served as party president, is seen as popular with grassroots activists in the party. He is the bookmakers favourite to win the leadership, and has secured the backing of three of the party’s MPs, and the heads of the Lib Dem party in both Scotland and Wales.

Labour Leadership:

Yesterday, the Fabian Society summer conference hosted a Labour leadership hustings. Andy Burnham, Liz Kendall, Yvette Cooper, Mary Creagh and Jeremy Corbyn were in attendance. Corbyn, recently entered the race for leadership.

Liz Kendall defended tuition fees. Andy Burnham and Yvette Cooper were in favour of replacing the current tuition system with a graduate tax. Both Burnham and Cooper were critical of free schools.

As for campaigning in the EU referendum, Burnham suggested that Labour should campaign by itself as if Labour won the campaign it could be a springboard for the general election; Kendall said it would be a mistake for the party not to be part of a wider pro-EU campaign.

Candidates were given the chance to describe how a Labour governed Britain would be under their retrospective leadership:

Andy Burnham said that a Labour government will help everyone get on.

Yvette Cooper said a Labour government would mean jobs and growth.

Mary Creagh and Liz Kendall both talk about politics being for the many not the few.

Jeremy Corbyn said that politics was about equality.

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