Student Mental Health – We Need to Talk About It.

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Student Mental Health – We Need to Talk About It.

University. Often billed by many as ‘the time of your life’ –a time of socialising, meeting new people, partying and studying what you want. And in days gone by, this often was the case. In 2014, though, being a student and being at enrolled at University does no longer stand for this: no longer is it a bridge between a teenager and adulthood.

It is no longer a bridge between adolescence and adulthood because of many outside influences: tuition fees and bills mean many students are holding down jobs just to enable them to study –made even worse by high cases of unemployment in the current job market- and, of course, studying itself. Fears of gaining a job after graduating is daunting for many a student.  Add this lot to the underlying concerns of a student –‘fitting in’ and the expectation to party- and it is not surprising that students are suffering from poor mental health.

It could be a simple ‘bad day’ to which there is a simple solution or something much more, but students must feel that they are not alone. Having a good social structure of friends and family does help, but for many this may not prove enough.

Put simply: student mental health is an issue and needs more awareness brought to it, as a result.


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