President Trump and his Executive Orders.

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President Trump and his Executive Orders.

Following his inauguration, Donald Trump has signed in several Executive Orders. Executive Orders are legally binding orders, are used by federal agencies in their execution of congressional established laws and can often be viewed as an indication of the policy direction of a new President.

One such Executive Order has been viewed as highly controversial and involved the temporary banning of people from several countries from entering America. Dubbed the ‘Muslim Ban’, it has suspended the US refugee administration system for 120 days; has banned entry from Iran, Iraq, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen for 90 days and to lower the total number of refugees to be accepted into America.

This Executive Order has come under scrutiny from various quarters, from the Judiciary, the public and even former President, Barack Obama. It is currently under review in the courts as it has been deemed unconstitutional. Barack Obama stated that he supported the mass protests over this order and that it was wrong to discriminate on grounds of faith or religion. The mass protests themselves had a global reach, with thousands turning out to protest in London alone. Meanwhile, four federal judges blocked the order.

Executive Orders are not immune from Judicial Review, and as such, the federal appeals court is hearing today evidence in order to decide whether or not to restore this order. That said, this order has sparked concern and controversy, as evident through the protests, and will put the new President under pressure to revoke it.



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