Policy School Next Generation – Cabinet Office


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Policy School Next Generation – Cabinet Office

On November 21st Westminster was invited to an event held by Parliament Week and the Cabinet Office, ‘Policy School Next Gen’. The central focus of the day was policy-making. As such, the day was structured to engage students in the practice of ‘good policy making’, the processes which go into implementing policy ideas and improving student’s critical analysis skills when it comes to considering aspects of policy. The sessions were conducted by the Cabinet Office’s Senior Policy team. Policy School Next Gen carried a distinguished panel such as Civil Servants, Ministers, Ben Page (Executive Director of Ipsos MORI), Andrew Haldensby (Director and co-founder of Reform Think Tank) and the Permanent Secretary for the Cabinet Office, Richard Heaton, who all gave their thoughts and insights. The majority of the day was held at Admiralty House, however, the students were later invited to visit 10 Downing Street.

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