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Event Summary

We’ve started running regular Pizza & Politics nights as a way for you to meet us, chat about what’s happening in the UK/world and how it affects us. Each month’s meetup will be run by a different member of our Youth Advisory Board, who are between 15 and 22 years old and will focus on a different topic that they have selected.

This meetup, which took place on the 16th of December, was led by Jude Anane – Agyei, Chair of our Youth Advisory Board. Jude chose to focus on Education and as part of the evening, we covered the following:

What’s the point of education?
Is the current education system working?
What are the positive and negative aspects of the current education system?
Is the current system excluding minorities or limiting the prospects of some?

Our special guest was Richard Kays, Director of the Young Adults Forum, who talked about his organisation and his work to empower young people to become Changemakers! We also ate lots of Pizza!!!!

A special thanks to Gocardless who hosted and sponsored this event! You can view photos of the event below. Check back to see when our next Pizza & Politics night will be taking place.

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