Model Westminster fosters cross-party support from a number of MPs and policy-makers. By having policy-makers provide Model Westminster with endorsements we hope to show other MPs, participants and those who support our aims to see how vital it is to promote political education amongst young people and students. Our MPs offer guidance in designing policy proposals and the opportunities for young people to work with them locally and regionally.

  • Jim Murphy is the MP for East Renefrewshire who stated "Model Westminster is a great initiative which enables young people to gain an understanding of UK politics and the wider importance of engagement. "By taking part in this scheme, which includes localised aspects as well as central government based activities, students will debate current national issues and partner with Westminster politicians. "Participants will build relationships with politicians and learn skills that can be used in everyday life."

    Jim Murphy MP
    Jim Murphy MPEast Renfrewshire
  • Policy-makers are always trying to find new ways in which to engage with their local constituents, none more so than young people, who feel ostracised from political life and most worryingly the policy-making process. Model Westminster is a great initiative, which will show young people exactly how policies are made and implemented both locally and nationally. This understanding will be a great incentive to further work within their communities, as they will have a good understanding of how politicians overcome societies biggest challenges.

    The Rt Hon Dr Vince Cable MP
    The Rt Hon Dr Vince Cable MPSecretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills & President of the Board of Trade
  • Political awareness and engagement is a very important aspect for a community to have. Sadly, it is one, which is lacking in the current climate, especially amongst our young people. Model Westminster is an initiative, which aims to tackle this head on, and to help young people gain an understanding of politics and the issues affecting them and their local communities. This project will do this by having participants, debate current affairs and learn about aspects of central government, as well as work in conjunction with MPs.

    Charles Walker MP
    Charles Walker MPBroxbourne
  • Model Westminster is an excellent initiative which is changing the way in which young people view politics and policy makers. By showing young people the complexity as well as importance of politics in their every day lives, they are more able to appreciate the value of political participation and hopefully will engage in politics themselves. As an MP, supporting Model Westminster is a great honour and it is fantastic to know that there are organisations out there willing to teach youngsters more about our work.

    Meg Hillier MP
    Meg Hillier MPHackney South and Shoreditch
  • Young people are increasingly becoming disengaged from politics, in order to reverse this trend new initiatives are needed to tackle political apathy head on. Model Westminster approaches this in an excellent way, by allowing young people to reflect on their own local constituencies and make credible recommendations for societies biggest challenges, thus understanding the world they live in, I believe they will be far more likely to engage in local and national politics as well as vote in elections.

    Jullian Huppert MP
    Jullian Huppert MPCambridge
  • The last general election saw a surprisingly low turn-out for young voters, only 44% of people aged 18-24 voted in May 2010. As recently elected Member of Parliament I would not wish to see this trend continue. Members of Parliament must do more to encourage young people to vote in general election as it is vital to have a democratic and representative elected body. Model Westminster is a great initiative which shows young people why politics is important and why they should have a stake in political life.

    Tristram Hunt MP
    Tristram Hunt MPStoke-on-Trent Central
  • My young constituents need to be more engaged in local politics and take a fresh look at societies political challenges. Model Westminster introduces a completely new and innovative approach to political engagement, on the one hand simulating the role of policy-makers provides a great competitive element to the conference, on the other hand young people have the opportunity to truly understand their local areas and make measurable recommendations for implementation by people like me.

    Steve Reed MP
    Steve Reed MPCroydon North
  • Having been a MP for 37 years, seeing the decline in political participation from our younger citizens has been somewhat troubling. Young people need to be engaged in political decision making in order to get their opinion across and benefit from democracy. In order to make this happen young people must first understand the importance of politics both locally and nationally, Model Westminster addresses a number of these issues by providing a political education and the opportunity to create their own proposals.

    Jack Straw MP
    Jack Straw MPBlackburn
  • Natascha Engel Labour party MP for the constituency of North East Derbyshire. As an endorser of Model Westminster she has said, "Model Westminster approaches political engagement in an entirely new way. Enabling young people to experience the policy making process themselves gives them the chance to gain a truly unique insight into how politics works on both a local and national level.  as well as showing the participants how prevalent it is in all aspects of their lives."  

    Natascha Engel MP
    Natascha Engel MPNorth East Derbyshire
  • An insight into the policy making process is crucial in making the British public connect with the institutions which govern our nation. Model Westminster is at the forefront of this mission and has attracted a lot of interest from the public, private and voluntary sectors. I look forward to seeing it flourish over the coming years.

    Bob Blackman MPHarrow East

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