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Meet the Team

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We are an enthusiastic team. Let us introduce ourselves.

  • Lauren Richardson
    Lauren RichardsonMarketing Manager
    • Cameron Gibson
      Cameron GibsonLead Editor and Content Creator
    • Grant Fisher
      Grant FisherDirector
    • Fifi Kara
      Fifi KaraFounder & Chairperson

    Youth Advisory Board

    • Jude Anane – Agyei
      Jude Anane – AgyeiYAB Chair
      • Anwulika Elliott
        Anwulika ElliottYAB Member
        • Alice Dermody -Palmer
          Alice Dermody -PalmerYAB Member
          • George Webster
            George WebsterYAB Member
            • Natalia Rowczenio
              Natalia RowczenioYAB Member
              • Shirley Fuakye
                Shirley FuakyeYAB Member
                • Zoe Anuwe
                  Zoe AnuweYAB Member

                  Advisory Board

                  • Fraser Nichol
                    Fraser NicholPartner, Business Technology Consulting
                    • Crispin Rapinet
                      Crispin RapinetPartner and Global Head of Investigations at Hogan Lovells
                      • Nicola Anderson
                        Nicola AndersonVP of Marketing at GoCardless


                        Our team is made up of a hand full of young people all aged under 25, who work or study within the UK.


                        We work for the good of the community and aim to improve British attitudes to Politics.


                        Everyone who puts time and effort in to working for Model Westminster is a volunteer.

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                        Find Out More

                        Interested in joining the team?

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                        Contact Us

                        Drop us a line and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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