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Local Elections 2017

Today, polling stations opened across Britain for the local council elections, with 4,851 council seats being contested. Local elections tend to be a test for the government of the day, and with the general election a number of weeks away this element of local elections is even more significant than it would otherwise have been.

In England, these elections will scrutinise Jeremy Corbyn’s opposition, the leadership of Theresa May and the future of a Farage-less UKIP. In Scotland, it will be test to see if the SNP can hold their power, if the Conservatives can advance upon Ruth Davidson’s popularity, if Labour can reclaim lost seats and if the Greens can form a ‘progressive’ alliance.  It is predicted that the Conservatives could make gains in their former heartlands, whereas Labour could lose several to the SNP.

Overall, these local elections will act as a signifier for the up-and-coming general election, where the electorate will find where they stand in terms of political support in a post-Brexit world. The polls close at 10pm, so if you haven’t voted: do so. Use your voice. You don’t need your polling card if you have lost it, just give your address once you get there.

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