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Introduction to UK Political Engagement

On the 6th of May 2016, Model Westminster held an event at Portcullis House entitled ‘Understanding and Influencing British Politics’. The purpose of the event was to provide the young participants with an understanding of the basics of UK politics and encourage them to play their part by voting and contributing their views and ideas to the national debate about how the UK should be run. The event included contributions from Parliaments Outreach Service and the charity Mind, who campaign for to improve services, raise awareness and promote understanding on mental health issues.

The topics covered included:
What does politics mean to you & what does it mean to be political? 
The value of your vote 
The Westminster System
Telling Right from Left 
Engaging with National Politics
Campaigning and influencing Change 

The event concluded with a tour of Parliament, including the House of Lords and House of Commons chambers.

Image Gallery: Understanding and Influencing Politics

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