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General Election Called

This morning the Prime Minister announced her intention to hold a General Election on the 8th of June. She used her statement to say that a general election would remove the risk of uncertainty and will give the country ‘strong leadership’ to see through Brexit and beyond, she also challenged the opposition to accept an early election.

She used her statement to reaffirm the delivery of Brexit and the progress that this government is making through the Brexit situation. That said, there is division within Westminster, hence this call for an election.

If the Conservatives are re-elected, Theresa May stated that they will stick to their plan for a ‘stronger Britain’ and take the ‘right decisions’, with every vote for the Conservatives going some way to strengthen Britain’s negotiating hand –the choice, May says lies with a stable leadership or a weak coalition.

In response, Jeremy Corbyn has welcomed the Prime Minister’s call for an election, saying that Labour will offer an alternative to this government. Whereas the leader of the Liberal Democrats, Tim Farron will use this election to avoid a ‘hard Brexit’. Meanwhile, Professor John Curtice says that the Conservatives may have enough to carry a ‘quite substantial majority’, though numerous Labour seats remain safe.

Tomorrow, the House of Commons will hold a vote to see whether an election can be called.

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