EU Referendum: a rational debate needed

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EU Referendum: a rational debate needed

The campaign lines have been drawn and on the run up to the EU Referendum, prospective voters are weighing up each side of the argument.

Whilst the notion of greater sovereignty over Britain’s affairs may be appealing, it is worth considering that for many young people, membership of the EU has been a part of their life and with that has come various benefits, apparent through their time in education and elsewhere: Erasmus programmes, ease of travel and overall, cultural diplomacy. That said, that is not to say that issues over the structure of the European Union and the economic factors of membership should be ignored. If anything, the issue over the economy is set to be the deciding factor.

This referendum is in many ways multi-layered, both sides carry with them appealing ideas. However, unlike a general election, there is more personal involvement in this instance. The result will be for the people to decide, that said, up-in-till the votes have been cast, it would be of benefit to have an informed, rational debate over this country’s relationship with the European Union.

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