The Data Revolution

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Event Summary

On the 28th of October, Model Westminster ran an event, hosted by the Royal Statistics Society, entitled ‘The Data Revolution: How data & evidence are transforming politics’. The event featured interactive presentations from high profile individuals from the Office of National Statistics, the Royal Statistical Society. The idea for the event emerged out of the campaigning around the question of whether Britain should remain in or leave the EU. It became clear that there was a need to equip young people with the knowledge to be able to adequately interpret the numerous facts and figures that were thrown at them during the campaign. The learning goals for the day were:

• How GDP and other politically influential figures are calculated, how to challenge their accuracy and what they mean
• How to challenge Government and our political leaders on how they use and sometimes misuse evidence and data at the highest level
• How Government and decision makers uses data and evidence to understand and solve problems
• How to challenge politicians and policy makers on the claims and evidence they provide.
• How to use data and evidence in your own campaign

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