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Event Summary

On the 6th of February, young people from across London and the surrounding regions descended City Hall to participate in LOUDER LONDON, a debating event that we delivered in partnership with the Great Debaters Club. The event was organised by Anwulika Elliott, Chair of the Model Westminster Youth Advisory Board and Natalia Rowczenio, a members of the Model Westminster Youth Advisory Board. The event included debate training and a competition, lead by Tony Koutsoumbos, Director of The Great Debaters Club. There was added excitement as a team from London Live came down to cover the event and interview Anwulika and Natalia for the evening news programme.

Schools and organsiations that were represented included;
Cardinal Vaughan Memorial School, St. Dominic’s Sixth Form College and Slough Youth Council.

The Judges of the competition were:
Tony Koutsoumbos, Director of the Great Debaters Club
Louise Cumberbatch, Member of the Great Debaters Club

The evening began with a talk by Tony on the basics of debating and how to approach the competition. We then moved onto the competition part of the evening, where teams went head to head against each other over motions that they only had 6 minutes to prepare for!

The motions were:
• This house would make voting compulsory for under 25s.
• This house would ban “No platform” policies at British Universities.
• This house believes that University Fees should be dependent on the subject studied.
• This house believes that social media is weakening democracy.
• This house would pass a law giving Government the power to requisition underused private property to
help solve the housing crisis.
• This house would ban 0 hours contracts.
• This house would ban driverless cars on public roads.
• This house would ban referendums in the UK.

It was an amazing evening with some fantastic debates and feedback from the attendees. We can’t wait to hold the next one in 2019!

Thanks to Navin Shah, London Assembly Member, for sponsoring the event.

We took loads of photos at the event. You can see a sample of them below. Click here to view all of them.

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