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How Low Can You Go?

The interest rate is the proportion of the money that has been lent to the consumer by a financial institution. The Interest rate is at an all time low of 0.25%, following the Bank of England’s [...]

Austerity Made Easy

Austerity. The one thing that economies dislike more than hyperinflation is the lack of expenditure (which is quite ironic given that expenditure could lead to inflation). Many people believe [...]

RBS Sell Off.

Seven years after the government stepped in to buy shares in RBS, shares have begun to be sold off, thereby returning the bank to private investors. RBS shares are trading 33 per cent lower than [...]

The Summer Budget

This week the Chancellor announced his Summer Budget, which was George Osborne’s seventh budget and the first Conservative one since 1996. The deficit will be cut at the same pace as the last [...]

Budget 2015.

“Britain on the rise, this is the budget for Britain –the comeback country” was how the Chancellor George Osborne opened his announcement of the 2015 budget to the Commons. We have broken down [...]

Autumn Statement 2014

At 12:30 on Tuesday afternoon, George Osborne formally announced his Autumn Statement. It is a statement which is the next step in this government’s long term economic plan, in a bid to give the [...]

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