Brexit and its Effects

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Brexit and its Effects

Following the referendum result, there remains questions over how it will affect the opportunities of young people, through studying and employment. Here, we aim to clarify the key affects, and with the help of Rise.To hope to highlight to young people where they can gain advice on aspects of studying, work and life.

First of all is the effects of Brexit on Universities. In the immediate term, there will be no change in the status of EU students, including those who have started the 2016-17 academic term, and there will no immediate change in tuition fees or loans. Erasmus programmes will not be affected until Britain formally leaves. Longer term, the opportunities open to University students depend upon on what comes out of negotiations and what relationship Britain will have with the rest of the EU. Numerous Universities are already looking at opening campuses within Europe.

For those who live abroad and in Britain, working and living conditions will be subject to negotiations. However, there has to be a distinction between a ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ Brexit. A hard Brexit will result in the leaving of the Single Market. This has the possibility of affecting immigration and jobs within Britain, owning to the condition of free movement. On the one hand, it may open up job opportunities; on the other, it will affect the ease of which those in Britain can gain employment in Europe. A soft Brexit may involve maintaining free movement.

The shape in which Britain’s relationship with the European Union will adopt has yet to be defined clearly. Negotiations have yet to be undertaken fully. Thereby, for those at University or planning a career, at the moment, there is a degree of certainty –University terms will not be affected, and Britain still has free movement of people. However, until negotiations begin, and the relationship redefined, it is best to keep abreast with developments. It is worth remembering that there are organisations which exist to aid young people with their careers or studies, one of which is Rise-To. For more information, please visit

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