Bite the Brexit: a View from a Participant.

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Bite the Brexit: a View from a Participant.

Model Westminster held a “Bite the Brexit” event on the 7th April, which was attended by young people and Model Westminster Ambassadors alike. One such participant was Marwan and here is his write-up of the day:

As lack of political awareness and participation amongst our young citizens continue to remain a noticeable challenge, I strongly believe that an initiative such as Model Westminster becomes ever more imperative for the survival of our democracy.

This became quite evident to me after attending “Bite the Brexit” event organised by Model Westminster which was full of positive surprises and many eye-opening and educational experiences.

It was a great opportunity for me to expand my understanding of Brexit process, network with like-minded individuals, participate in intellectual discussions and learn more about the negotiating positions of, both, the EU and the UK. All of this was done in a highly relaxed and enjoyable environment.

We also heard from several magnificent speakers, including former Secretary of State for Business and Innovation, Sir Vince Cable, who enlightened us about different aspects of Brexit process and its possible consequences, especially on young citizens. The talks were followed by highly engaging Q&A sessions where I had the opportunity to ask questions and comment on multiple occasions.

I truly enjoyed the event and would highly recommend others, especially the youth, to attend future Model Westminster events! You won’t regret it!


Marwan Ahmadzai.

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