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Article 50 Triggered

Today marks the triggering of Article 50, with the British Permanent Representative to the European Union, Sir Tim Barrow, hand delivering the notification letter to European President, Donald Tusk in Brussels. By doing so, this marks the beginning of the negotiation period and the uncoupling of the United Kingdom from the European Union.


After the events which occurred this morning, Theresa May addressed the Commons, calling for unity from all sides of the United Kingdom whilst lending her support for the motion.


Tusk’s response was one of regret, but also of positivity. He cited that the new declaration to the Treaty of Rome, which was signed on Friday, will act as a strengthening to the commitment to the European Union. Next Friday, he will meet with representatives of the member states to discuss key arrangements to begin negotiations.


It has been suggested that throughout negotiations, both parties will be more flexible than previous rhetoric suggests, with both sides looking for a beneficial conclusion.

Does today mark a step out of Europe and into the World, or a sign of insular thinking?  To discuss Brexit, Model Westminster are holding a ‘Bite the Brexit’ event on the 7 April. Details are here:

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