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A New Cold War?

With Lithuania implementing conscription, Latvia conducting mock drills and Russian nuclear capable missiles being based in Kaliningrad, the headlines of 2016 read like those belonging to the [...]

The Trump Phenomena

Disclaimer: This article is not in support of Donald Trump’s campaign, rather it is a discussion on why he seemingly has gathered a sizable amount of support. One reason for Trump’s support may [...]

9/11 15 years on

September 11th 2001 is undoubtedly the day the earth stood still, people of all generations can recall where they were when news broke out about the attack on the World Trade Centre.  For the [...]

May’s New Cabinet

After six years of service as Home Secretary, as of the 13th of July, Theresa May has risen the ranks to become the UK’s second female Prime Minister – therefore taking the place of David Cameron [...]

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