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“Model Westminster teaches students about politics and policy making. By doing so they will be better able to understand their democratic rights and entitlements.”

- Rt Hon. Vince Cable MP

BIS Secretary & MP

for Twickenham

We aim to create a nation of mutual understanding.

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In partnership with the Cabinet Office
21st November 2014 Admiralty House, 26 Whitehall, SW1 Application

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Model Westminster is an educational organisation, which focuses on providing an introduction to the policy-making process. To do this, Model Westminster uses a simulatory technique to educate participants about how societies biggest challenges are solved. Model Westminster will provide students with the opportunity to design tangible policy proposals whilst gaining an understanding of the structural and agency arrangements of British government. This year Model Westminster’s main event will take 150 of the brightest and best students from across 15 London boroughs and immerse them into a two-day policy-making conference, due to be held in 2015
Over the course of two days, students will tackle both a local and pan-London challenge. Each student will have to manage and represent a different stakeholder engaged in the policy-making process. Through an intense and academically rigorous event, the participants will have to; 1) compile research, 2) analyse and present vast amounts of quantitative and qualitative data and 3) critically assess empirical and anecdotal evidence, all whilst considering the short and long-term implications for their stakeholder. The legacy of Model Westminster will see the publishing of a co-authored report – outlining the participant’s practical policy solutions for the range of different issues they worked on.
Vision and Mission
Britain can be more democratic by increasing the understanding of our most important institution. We would like to make this happen, by showing young people how important politics is.
Our Philosophy
Our motto, “Usus est magister optimus” means “Experience is the best teacher” this slogan constantly reminds us how important it is to allow students to put on the shoes of policy-makers, as they will gain no better understanding of what it means to be a politician.
Our Commitments
We are committed to provided an exceptional service, whereby students gain a realistic political and policy-making experience. Our resources are sourced directly from those who work in government and aid the process of policy making.
Our Legacy
The legacy of Model Westminster will see the publishing of a co-authored report – outlining the participant’s practical policy solutions for the range of different issues they worked on.

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“In order to truly understand the importance of politics, political education must be essential to every British citizen.” Fifi Kara – Founder & Director

“Model Westminster was an innovative and knowledge expanding event which allowed me to explore and develop my political debating skills and my drive for political matters!” – Programme Participant, Abigail Heywood

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