‘Model Westminster teaches young people about politics and policy making.
By doing so, we promote a new depth of political engagement from young people.’

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About Us

The UK faces a serious challenge to the health of its democracy due to the low political engagement of young people who find UK politics remote, irrelevant, confusing and difficult to influence. That means that an important voice is being missed in the key political debates of our time.

The solution is political education. Model Westminster works to improve the political engagement of young people. We are a non-partisan, volunteer-run educational enterprise, dedicated to breaking down the barriers between young people and politics and engaging the next generation of British citizens in the democratic process.

We do this by running events on topical political areas, which include talks, games, debates and group work, designed to demystify politics and policy making. Our goal is to empower young people with the knowledge, skills and confidence to understand and influence British politics and policy making. Our fun and interactive events also provide an opportunity for young people to develop skills in critical thinking, debating, presentation and group work.

We are sponsored by Sir Vince Cable, Former Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills and have endorsements from a number of MPs

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Want to understand the political world around you a little better? Here’s how:

  • Step Up

    Think about a social challenge that you'd like to tackle

  • Sign Up

    Sign up for our newsletter to receive information about our work and events

  • Engage

    We carry out year-round events in partnership with government - sign up to the mailing list.

  • Educate

    Model Westminster is all about education - be sure to prepare for all our events!

  • Implement

    After an education in politics, make sure you implement what you have learned.

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“Model Westminster was an innovative and knowledge expanding event which allowed me to explore and develop my political debating skills and my drive for political matters!” – Programme Participant, Abigail Heywood

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Who we’ve worked with

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